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Odds were better than a lottery ticket, so lots of visitors took the chance on trying to win a nice Diamondback hybrid that Bike Ventura put up for raffle at the Oxnard College family fest Sunday 5/7/23.

As hundreds of folks passed our booth, Mario V. greeted and charmed dozens into taking a look and taking advantage of the ‘Buy 5 get 1 Free’ ticket deal. “This guy can sell ice to an eskimo!” marveled Nina D. as she saw him persuade seniors and parents with babies alike into getting a ticket, “how the heck are they going to ride this bike?”

Many residents stopped to chat with the booth volunteers, Zuli and Jabbar, both of whom are native to Oxnard and able to explain where Oxnard Bike Hub is located using familiar landmarks (near Buddy Burgers, across from La Central Bakery). Near the end of the afternoon when the drawing was scheduled, one of the more enticed kids came back to see who would win. He had bought 5 tickets (and gotten a 6th free) and was wishing for the bike. The Bike Ventura volunteers had him shake and mix the approximately 200 tickets over and over, then pick one out. Alas! It was the name of a woman, who was phoned and was delighted to come and get the bike. The boy? Was happy to have come and played along.

Sunday winner! Bike raffle at Oxnard College Family Fest.

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