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To get more involved in making streets safer for bicyclists, drop us a note at (Oxnard’s new bike advocacy group meets every other Friday.) 

This year VCCool helped sponsor the Anthony Martinez 3rd Annual Memorial ride. This is the third year that Anthony Martinez and his family have held an annual “Ride of Silence,” in honor of his son, and others who have been killed by motorists while riding their bicycles.

The Ride of Silence is held nationally on May 21. The tradition started in 2003, and rides are held in hundreds of cities across the country each year. Anthony’s ride was well attended. Official count is still out, but a rough estimate has it at 100 riders.

VCCool was able to provide non-profit status. We handed VCCool’s first “spoke-cards,” and VCCool riders biking in from Ventura helped to lead the ride. The Channel Islands Bicycle Club handed out snacks and bottled water, as well as riding. The Oxnard police department did a wonderful job coaching the ride leaders, and protecting the ride through 9 miles of intersections. After the ride, people lit candles, protecting them in the chilly evening breeze.

Ride of Silence, Oxnard 2014

Oxnard, 2014 – 3rd Annual Anthony Martinez Jr. Ride of Silence

As the crowd dispersed, family members currently suffering through an indifferent court system after a family member was killed by a distracted motorist, gathered to talk to our Executive Director about how they could make a difference and be heard. The heaviness is very much with us as we work to make bicycling safer, more respected, and a greater part of our transportation picture.

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